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Cargo Ships May Be China’s Trojan Horse

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

In light of the recent talk of China invading Taiwan, there have been Internet rumors of war going around where China plans to invade the West Coast of the United States in a colossal D Day-like invasion. Where did these rumors of war come from, and is there any validity to them whatsoever?

It stems from a YouTube video by LUDE media posted on May 14th, 2022. The video is entirely in Chinese and even has subtitles in Chinese.

This video was roughly translated on Jennifer’s Zen blog. The Chinese to English translation can be read here.

Several alternative media news outlets later picked up the information and confirmed it to be likely by two western sources, JR Nyquist and John Moore. The statement that they believe to be accurate based on these sources states that:

  • China shut down so they could use the seaport infrastructure to prepare the military on cargo ships. This would be their attempt at a D-day type of land invasion.
  • Reportedly, it did not specifically mention the United States in the audio. Still, they refer to the final war, which is deemed far too extensive to target Taiwan merely.
  • The invasion would cross the Pacific disguised as cargo ships, and when they arrived, short-range rockets would be fired from the top of the ocean vessels. It is speculated that this may include tactical nuclear weapons, and targets have National Guard bases in California. Later, troops would land on the beaches and seas ports to use ports to land heavier ships with more armor, artillery, and weapons of war.
  • Supposedly China has already put caches of weapons, uniforms, RPGs, night vision equipment, and other gear across the United States in each county. These would be activated when CCP civilians were told to go hot. This isn’t meant for a ground war within but for domestic sabotage against the power grid, fuel refineries, railways, and other large infrastructure targets. The transcript states that they are attempting to take away the use of civilians as a means of cover, but that also means civilians won’t have that infrastructure to support themselves. Expect hospitals and schools to be targets as well.
  • China has been stockpiling food, microchips, ammunition, commodities, and other items for when they expect to be cut off from the swift system. The audio suggests that they are working with a large Eastern European nation.
  • China does expect riots, especially in large cities like Hong Kong, and they are committed to continuing to use special forces to execute protesters.
  • The war in Eastern Europe was a military campaign to get the United States to commit most of its military hardware and troops off of the mainland to be vulnerable on the continent due to a lack of military readiness.
  • Allegedly, the Governor of California and the Democrats of California outlawing certain guns were part of this invasion plan.
  • Additionally, Governor Newsome allegedly complies with the entire operation. He has been paid off in hundreds of millions of dollars, with the first part transferred to China as part of PPE purchases.
  • Allegedly, the goal of China was to exterminate all Americans, so they could have the fertile farmlands of the Midwest because China’s ability to produce crops had fallen. This includes anyone who is in this country illegally.
  • Reportedly, China can allegedly get 100 million military troops, which would flood our nation’s shores with an endless number of bodies to fight.

As I cannot understand Chinese, the only thing we do have is this recording which may or may not be military staff in China discussing an invasion of the United States. However, as the plan is laid out according to the translation, it is beyond concern that it might have a chance of success given our current weak leadership. There is speculation that they will also come in from the southern border and down from Canada. This would be a tragedy that our nation would rise above but suffer mightily for it.