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Cancel Culture Attacks Freedoms of Moms For Liberty

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

The mob is at it again!  The cancel culture mob that progressive democrats seem to drag along like the Peanuts Gang Pig Pen’s filth-storm, took their marching orders from US Attorney General Merrick Garland and went after the inalienable rights of members of Moms for Liberty across the nation.

The egregious offenses that led the mob to attack the moms, across the nation as it turns out, were speaking up at school board meetings, which according to the mob, equates to racism if not outright terrorism.

According to a report by Brad Jones of the Epoch Times, the commonality the moms share (besides Moms for Liberty) is that they all had been “criticizing school boards about what they see as a tectonic shift from reading, writing, and arithmetic to the promotion of radical political and social ideas, along with extreme COVID-19 polices in the last couple of years.”

As a result, the mob went for cancelation through a variety of methods, including doxing, online harassment, stalking, and even writing to employers with the intention of getting them fired.

Sandra Hernden, a mom and a police officer from Macomb County, Michigan, experienced the mob when she participated in protests with Moms for Liberty over “ school closures, lockdowns, the mandatory masking of schoolchildren, and the threat of forced vaccinations.”  When Hernden wrote the Chippewa Valley School Board demanding that schools be open due to children suffering depression over closures and after one local student committed suicide, the mob came.

Board member Elizabeth Pyden was so affronted that she wrote to the department where Herden worked, stating, “I do not believe that you would like anyone expressing this level of anger, disrespect and veiled racism in your community.”

Another board member, Frank Bednard, wrote to the Department of Justice about Hernden:

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This woman, Sandra Hernden, comes to every meeting to harass our board, administration and community who oppose her views. She is over dramatic and refuses to listen to any direction I may give her about inappropriate and threatening comments. Last week she compared the tattoos Nazi Germany gave Jewish people to identify them in WW2 to masking mandates today.”

Hernden eventually retired and left the city.

Another mom, Jami Reese, who is also a nurse also said she was “ targeted after opposing mask mandates for children at a Transylvania County Board of Education meeting,” stating she was “reported to the Board of Nursing. They contacted me to investigate.”

Reese had her home address published online after she spoke out against CRT, and her son “ was falsely accused in an incident at school and was expelled more than a year ago.”  Reese has filed a lawsuit against the district.

Celeste Fiehler, who is in the process of starting a Moms for Liberty chapter in Riverside County, California, has had experience with the cancel mob that predates her chapter efforts, but for the same reasons–sticking up for kids by speaking out at school board meetings.  Such actions come at a price, Fiehler warned,  “I have been doxxed and stalked in my community. I’ve been labeled as ‘unpigmented’ by a school board candidate and an educator after speaking against the ‘woke’ curriculum at my school board meeting.

Fiehler also drew attention to The Trevor Project, a resource that is pushed by school boards around the nation for LGBTQ mental health issues, which links to TrevorSpace, a social networking site for adults.

The message that was sent by the Biden administration through AG Garland was received by the cancel culture mob and acted upon.  The stories of cancellations, or attempts thereof, from the “China Virus Era” are limitless it seems, and are an affront to everything it means to be an American Citizen.  America needs to Make Education Great Again!