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California Woke Mob Coming for Marilyn Monroe!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Marilyn Monroe is under attack! Or at least the 26-foot statue in Palm Springs, California is. The statue, called “Forever Marilyn” that stands in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum and is the target of a group of woke nutjobs that call themselves the Committee to Relocate Marilyn. I think a better idea would be to relocate the wokesters, but I don’t get a say.

As if Civil War statues weren’t enough, Marilyn is going to get the cancel culture treatment if these people get their way. Check this out.

In February, California’s 4th District Court of Appeals overturned a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought before the court by the Committee to Relocate Marilyn, which is fighting for the removal of the “Forever Marilyn” that stands in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

At a 2021 protest, the Women’s March Foundation chanted that the 34,000-pound statue was misogynistic and exploitative. The Committee to Relocate Marilyn claims it’s mad at the placement of Marilyn because it blocks a museum road.

Meanwhile, in 2020, the art museum’s executive director at the time, Louis Grachos, was definitely triggered over Marilyn’s underwear.

“What message does that send to our young people, our visitors and community to present a statue that objectifies women, is sexually charged and disrespectful?” Grachos asked.

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Perhaps there are bigger fish to fry than a statue of Marilyn Monroe if you are truly concerned about objectifying women? Isn’t California the home state of the porn industry? Aren’t sneaky dudes still taking trophies from real female athletes and creeping their locker rooms? Thought so. Perhaps a statue should be on the back burner until some real work is done to protect women and women’s rights. Nah, of course not. It is much easier to rage against an inanimate object as opposed to a faker in a wig and lipstick. Much safer as well.

It also begs the question, who is getting their thrills from seeing the underwear on a statue? People who are into that thing can just go to any department store and ogle the mannequins, that is if they are into plus-sized plastic women, which seems to be all you see nowadays. Lovely.

Emiliana Guereca of the Women’s March Foundation was furious over the statue during the 2021 protest.

“When you exit the museum, the statue is designed to look at her crotch and look at her buttocks and take photos. And that is no longer acceptable,” she told the Desert Sun.

“It may have been acceptable in the 1950s, but we are in 2021 fighting the same thing and women are saying enough is enough.”

Marilyn Monroe broke down barriers for women in the film industry. To take down her statue of perhaps her most famous photo would not be a step in the direction of women’s rights. It would be censorship for the sake of censorship.

Doesn’t California have bigger problems? The streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles are covered in street chocolate (poop), there are open air drug dens, and the cost to live in many of these cities assures that residents, even some that are working, will be living in tents. Yea, California has plenty to worry about already, a giant Marilyn Monroe statue is close to the bottom of the list. Pun intended.