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California Dep. of Education’s Woke Reading List Encourages 4-Year-Olds to Discuss White Privilege & Transgenderism

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Frighteningly woke Californian schools are giving out books to children as young as 4 books that promote transgender propaganda including a picture story about a boy called Max who wants to use the women’s bathroom.

The California Department of Education (DoE) has come under fire for recommending numerous books for kindergartners which depict characters transitioning from their biological gender and material which promotes kneeling during the national anthem for high school kids.

Under the Teaching and Learning section of the California DoE’s website, the recommended reading list is jam-packed with unapologetically politically motivated material.

Almost every other listed book has some basis in left-wing politics. The department reading list recommends:

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You, which it recommends for grades 7-12. The lesson plan revolving around the reading suggests students should think about power, privilege, and biaswhich are “among the themes that are examined.”

We Are Water Protectors is suggested reading for PK to 2nd grade. The book depicts a Native American girl who “describes how water is viewed among her people”. Again, teachers are asked to encourage the pre-kindergartner children to discuss “power, privilege and bias”.

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Dreamers: a picture book aimed at PK to 2nd grade which is about a family of illegal immigrants who journey from Mexico to the USA.

Fry Bread: Another picture book for pre-kindergartners that discusses the diversity of “many Indigenous nations in the United States, both those recognized by the government and those that aren’t, affirming the identities of so many Native children”.

And that’s literally just the first page. The vast majority of the lesson plan ideas revolve around encouraging the kids to discuss ‘white privilege’.

The list also includes Call Me Max, a book the DoE recommends for kindergarten kids about a boy who questions his gender and “lets his teacher know that he wants to be called by a boy’s name.” 

In the book, Max wonders if the teacher “thought my name didn’t make sense for me. I felt that way too”.

Later, Max discusses his confusion about which bathroom to use at school:

“When I went to the store with my dad, I went to the bathroom with him. When I went to the store with my mom, I went to the bathroom with her. But at school, I had to pick which bathroom to use,” reads the book.

Another piece of propaganda being pushed by California’s education system is a book called It Feels Good To Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity.

The website suggests teachers provide this material to K-2 kids and is described as being: “an expansive, affirming look at gender identity [which] explores identities across the spectrum as it introduces various children.

“Your gender identity might match what people thought you were when you were born, or it might not,” continues the blurb.

“When Alex was born, everyone thought Alex was a girl, but Alex is both boy and girl. This is Alex’s gender identity.”

Conservative group Parents Defending Education’s director, Erika Sanzi blasted the disgraceful material being peddled in California classrooms and said education should re-establish its focus on academia:

“There is no such thing as a book about children transitioning genders that is appropriate for a school to recommend to kindergartners,” said Sanzi.

“The Department of Education should be worrying much more about reading and math and civics than the gender ideology they’re peddling to students, often behind the backs of parents.”