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Buzzkill Chiefs Fans Upset Patrick Mahomes Was Buzzed at Super Bowl Parade

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Since you clearly can’t please some people, the Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes are catching some heat on social media for catching a buzz during their Super Bowl victory parade last week in Kansas City. Only one team wins the Super Bowl every year, and so many players never even get to taste a playoff win, no less a Super Bowl so it’s understandable that the players that bled, sweated, limped and put their lives on the line on a weekly basis might want to tip a cold Coors Light to celebrate. I mean, I would choose a better beer, but I’ve never won a Super Bowl, so what do I know? At any rate, the spectacle of public drinking apparently was too much for the sensibilities of some Chiefs fans to take. Check this out.

Some Kansas City Chiefs fans are not happy with quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ antics during the team’s Super Bowl parade.

Following Mahomes winning his second ring, he cut loose with plenty of cold beers as the team celebrated with fans.

Despite not being a particularly big Chiefs fan (I hate them), even I thought it was an awesome parade. However, several buzzkill letters to the Kansas City Star, and the paper decided to pee on the celebration themselves. Hey, anything for clicks, right?

The publication chose an interesting headline of, “Kansas City loves Mahomes and the Chiefs. Our kids didn’t need to see them swill beer.”

Oh, my goodness, do you mean to say adults drink beer? What will the kids do? I bet the number of 9-year-old alcoholics in the Kansas City metro area is going to go through the roof. How could a group of grown athletes set such a bad example for the impressionable youth? Thank goodness the Star did their part with responsible journalism in printing the letters to let the players know what failures they are.

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I am not opposed to drinking nor naive enough to think our football players don’t drink. However, it is completely unnecessary to let Chiefs players drink during the Super Bowl parade. It should not have been allowed by coach Andy Reid and the team’s ownership for some very good reasons.

The main reason is that a drinking Chief is not a good role model for young fans who are there to see their heroes. Second, even the adult fans don’t want to see drunken players at this important celebration. Third, tragic things happen when drinking is involved.

Another pearl clutching fan wrote:

Next time there’s a victory parade, please imbibe your alcohol privately and discreetly. Impressionable young people deserve better role models than what you’ve displayed twice.

Yet another presumably swooning fan wrote they were “dismayed to see that Patrick Mahomes and other players were drinking alcohol again.”

My guess is if they knew what Mahomes and most of the players put in their bodies on a weekly basis just to be able to physically come out and perform for them, they would shut their non-alcoholic beer swilling pie-holes. Or maybe not.

When you have parents of children complaining to grown men that they shouldn’t drink because of the example it sets to THEIR kids, that tells you what kind of people we are dealing with. It isn’t Patrick Mahomes job to raise your kids or set an example for them. He has a job already, and Kansas City Chiefs fans should be very thankful he works for them, even if it means they have to raise their own kids without his help.

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