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Broadcasting Legend Michele Tafoya Drops Truth Bombs on Women’s Sports Debate

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The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act was passed in the GOP led House this week in a move that should never have needed to be made. Sadly, not one Democrat voted for it, and Poopy Pants Biden has vowed to veto it as he continues to ruin women sports and embolden trans activists. It was a good run, ladies! While all real women should be appalled, only a select few have been brave enough to stand up and declare ‘shenanagins’!

Riley Gaines, Donna de Varona, Martina Navratilova and Outkick’s Tomi Lahren have been some of the select few with notoriety and a platform to come forward and speak out. Now, count former NBC Sports personality and Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Michele Tafoya in, as well. Tafoya spoke out on Fox News “The Story”, and dropped epic truth bombs that only science deniers could reject. Check this out.

I really I keep waking up every morning thinking, OK, has the world turned right side up again? And it still hasn’t. I mean, sadly, what we saw today was really a symbolic vote. Not a single Democrat voted for this bill to protect girls and women and to call it transphobic ignores one of the clauses. It is a very short bill, but one of the sentences in it says this doesn’t prohibit a male who is now identifying as a female to practice or participate with a girls’ team or women’s team, but they cannot supplant, they cannot replace the woman on that team.

The world is upside down, and the hope is we will all wake up and it is a dream like the season of Roseanne when Jackie met the Prince and got married, but when Roseanne woke up, Dan was dead. Unfortunately, Dan is dead and this isn’t a dream. The world is in fact upside down thanks largely to the “Scranton Kid” and his inept, corrupt leadership.

No woman, no girl should be deprived of her roster, spot or any other benefits that go along with that. So, to say this is transphobic or hate filled is just flat out wrong. But again, the Democrats are the party of science, right? They’re the party of women, and today they showed they’re anything but. The science tells us that men and women, when they are born, when they are conceived, are chromosome only different, two Xs or an X and a Y. Which one are you? 

The legendary broadcaster correctly points out that the left has long considered themselves the party of science. Often scoffing at religion, God, and anything else they couldn’t prove doesn’t exist, the left now openly denies basic biology in deference to a radical ideology. Democrats now treat science as if it is a suggestion, rather than, you know, science.

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The results continue to prove that biological men, even if transitioning, hold a physical advantage over a biological woman. It is just plain common sense, which the left is short on. Men are bigger, stronger, and faster. All of the hormone therapy n the world won’t change how God made us. He made us in His image, not They/Thems image.

Based on that, we are built differently. We have physical differences. Men cannot have babies as much as people want to tell you that they can and women have a menstrual cycle that they have to compete with.  Transgender women do not have that. They do not have a uterus. They do not have these things that they would have to then compete through and compete with. There are biological, scientifically based differences between men and women, and no amount of hormone therapy is going to change that.

Again, all common sense points. However, the left still refuses to acknowledge basic biology, and here we are having to have a debate that is absurd on its face. In the case of transgendered athletes, it is usually a razor stubbled face with a prominent jaw line.