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Brian Laundrie’s Parents May Know More Than They Are Saying

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In two different reports posted just this morning, on Sept 30th, 2021, by The New York Post, many are saying the Laundries know far more about their son, his whereabouts and his activities than they are letting on. Questions have been called into place about the timing of a camping trip reservation being made prior to Brian Laundrie’s return to Florida. Police have also found some information that indicates Brian may have bought a burner phone, though it is the same phone that the FBI already has in their custody, leading some to question where the original phone is and who currently has it.

Apparently, Roberta Laundrie, (Brian’s mother) made reservations on August 24th, 2021 for two adults to campout “at the Fort De Soto Park Campground in St. Petersburg between Sept. 1 and 3, but changed them on Aug. 31 for three people for the weekend of Sept. 6-8, according to documents obtained by Fox News.”

This information led former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to question just how much Laundrie’s parents know. “What do Laundrie’s parents really know?

“When you think about essentially taking a weekend camping vacation with your son who just returned back from months on the road camping with his fiancée — and returned without his fiancée — it’s almost impossible to imagine that conversations didn’t take place between them…like, oh, I don’t know, ‘Where is your fiancee?’ and ‘Why did you leave her in Wyoming?’ — or wherever he claims to have parted ways?”

The family attorney Stever Bertolino confirmed in another report by the same writer and publication that Laundrie, his mother Roberta, and his father Chris, had gone camping on Sept. 6th and Sept 7th. He wanted to make it clear that the family did not stay until the 8th, but also that Chris and Roberta returned home without their son.

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It should be noted that Fox News has documentation that states Chris and Robert checked out on the 8th, despite the attorney’s claims. “The documents show the checkout was actually recorded on Sept. 8 – three days before Petito officially became a missing person.”

One of the people camping nearby, about three spots down from the Laundries “vaguely recalled” seeing “their truck and camper because he and his wife rarely see campers attached to vehicles anymore.”

Meanwhile, Dog the Bounty hunter (Duane “Dog” Chapman) has moved his search to the Fort De Soto Park Campgrounds thanks to tips from viewers. Dog told his viewers in the video below that “We’re here at the island. This would be and could be the perfect spot for him to hide. Not too many people out here but there’s a lot of environmental things that we’re going to fight.”

While a lot of news agencies play off the 68 year old bounty hunter’s presence as something of a joke, there are dozens if not hundreds of twitter users standing solidly behind him.

While many are making jokes at Dog’s expense, there is a playfulness to it that implies they don’t really mind so long as Brian is found.

This story may be updated with continuing developments.