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Braves Win The 2021 World Series!

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On November 2nd, 2021 the Atlanta Braves stepped up in a big, bold way to take on and put an end to the hopes of winning the Series for the Houston Astros! During Game 6 the Atlanta Braves won the best out of seven World Series in fantastic form resulted in their second championship win since they moved from Milwaukee!

The Houston Astros only won two of the games during the series and were shut in two of the six games played. Even while losing the Atlanta Braves managed to score at least 2 runs in every game.

The first two games were held in Houston, with the following three held in Atlanta, and the final game going back to Houston.

The final score was 7-0 with an impressively powerful showing by the Georgia team.

According to Fox NewsJorge Soler came up in the third inning with two outs andย Ozzie Albies and Eddie Rosario on base. He battled with Houston starting pitcher Luis Garcia in an eight-pitch at-bat that ended with a moon shot to left field and over the train tracks at Minute Maid Park.”

Below are three tweets to show the plays that made the game!

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The news must be somewhat irritating to the MLB and those who praised the league’s Commissioner for taking away the All-Star game from the Atlanta Braves. With no attempt at spin or anything of the sort, the League made it clear they did not like Georgia’s tightening of election laws to make it harder for voter fraud. If you recall, even Joe Biden got in on the act, making a false claim that the tightening of elections laws would prevent people from drinking water while standing in line to vote.

You would think sport’s organization would learn their lessons when it comes to punishing cities and teams without proper cause. While the New England Patriot’s weren’t on a “revenge tour” due to political reasons, fans knew it was due to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell overstepping his authority and ignoring evidence for the sake “optics”.

Anyhow, here are some great reactions to the Braves’ win over the Astros.

Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves!ย CHOP ON!!