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Brandon-Flation Strikes Again! No More Dollar Slices in the Big Apple!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Brandon and his terrible economic policies have hit us all hard. Gas, heating bills, bare grocery shelves; no one has been immune from Joe Biden and the “Bidas touch”. Even the Dollar Tree has had to raise their prices.

While lefties and democrats try to blame those greedy corporations, Trump, or even more ridiculously Putin for the economic mess, it is painfully obvious that everyone is feeling it. Now, in New York City, one of the last bastions of cheap snacks has to raise its price because Joe and his cast of clowns in Washington. Check this out.

One of the Big Apple’s most recognizable pizza joints is jacking up the price of its famous $1 slice — breaking the hearts of poor college students everywhere.

2 Bros. Pizza announced the death of the deliciously dirt-cheap delicacy, saying it was forced to up the once-affordable option to $1.50 to take a bite out of inflation costs.

“Over the past few years, we had done everything in our power to keep the cheese slices at $1 while refusing to compromise on our quality,” co-owner Eli Halali told The Post on Monday.

“We were no longer able to break even.”

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It is a sad state of affairs in America when the Dollar Tree is the “dollar and a quarter” tree, and you can’t get a slice in New York City for a buck. However, what can the owners do? They can’t take a loss just because they are a New York tradition. They also can’t wait around in hopes of the economy getting better and inflation coming down. We are likely years away from that. The only choice was to raise the price with the hope that someday it can come back down. You know, like gas, oil, home heating, eggs, bread, crackers, meat. You get my point.

Halali had already raised prices to $1.50 at several other 2 Bros. Pizza locations across the five boroughs — with the East Village location on St. Mark’s Place being the lone holdout in Manhattan. The 50% increase will also go into effect at their Bronx shop this week.

“The biggest issue in recent months was cheese prices stabilizing at a higher average than where they’ve been for the last decade,” Halali explained, adding that cheese costs make up over 40% of the company’s food bills.

In December 2021, the dough slinger warned the dollar slice could be toast if the cost of cheese soared.

But he told the New York Times that 2 Bros. was “committed to keep our plain slice at $1 where we can for as long as we can.”

His brother, co-founder Oren Halali, said it wasn’t just dairy costs.

“Inflation is affecting every single ingredient, every single item we use. Flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper goods, paper plates, napkins. Everything. Labor is definitely up, as well,” Oren told The Post in November 2021.

To be fair, even $1.50 is a great deal for a giant New York slice. However, that isn’t the point. The point is, Joe Biden and this administration is killing us slowly, even more so than those delicious, giant slices. Things aren’t looking any better for the foreseeable future, either.

But hey, as long as the democrats focus solely on locking up President Trump. We have to stick to the important issues. For now, New York City pizza lovers will have less dough, and be more cheesed off when they go for their favorite dollar slice.