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Biden’s Withdrawal From Afghan Was “Responsible, Deliberate, and Safe”, Well These People Say Otherwise a Year Later

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Back when Biden pulled out from Kabul he assured the American people that they would do so in a responsible, deliberate, and safe manner. However, the only thing he was able to accomplish out of those three things was deliberation.

It is one thing to mess up or make a wrong call, but it is a whole other thing to mess up this bad, a mess up of this magnitude was indeed deliberate. If you remember, we were hearing talks of safety and peace from both Biden and the Taliban. However, one year later these young ladies would have a totally different story to share.

For most teenage girls in Afghanistan, it’s been a year since they set foot in a study hall. As of right now, there are no signs of the decision if they will ever get to return. Despite this fact, some girls are still attempting to find alternate routes to keep studying, and from sliding backward in their education.

At a house in Kabul, handfuls accumulated on a new day for classes in an underground school set up by Sodaba Nazhand. She and her sister teach English, science, and math to young ladies who should be in school.

“When the Taliban wanted to take away the rights of education and the rights of workers from women, I wanted to stand against their decision by teaching these girls,” said Nazhand.

Hers is one of the various underground schools in activity since the Taliban assumed control over the country a year prior and restricted young ladies from proceeding with their schooling past the 6th grade. While the Taliban have allowed ladies to keep going to colleges, this exemption will no longer matter when there are no more young girls moving on from secondary schools.

“There is no way to fill this gap, and this situation is very sad and concerning,” Nazhand said.

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The inconsistent admittance to schooling slices through families. Shekiba along with her younger sister cannot attend school, but her two siblings can. Her older sister is at a confidential college concentrating on regulation. However, that is little solace, said their dad, Mohammad Shah Qaderi. Most teachers have left the nation, cutting down the nature of instruction.

Regardless of whether the young girls get any type of college degree, they often wonder what the point is since they won’t be permitted to work in the end anyways.

“She won’t have a job. The Taliban won’t allow her to work,” he said.

Qaderi said he has for a long time believed that his children should get an education. Now with things the way they are, that might be inconceivable, so his reasoning for leaving Afghanistan is to seek a better life, and one that doesn’t come with war and putting his family in danger 24/7. He’s already weathered years of war and doesn’t want to relive his past.

“I can’t see them growing in front of my eyes with no education; it is just not acceptable to me,” he said.

Of course, this “deliberate” decision affected more than just the schools. It affected many things for the worse, all you need to do is look it up and see for yourself, but hey, at least we aren’t getting any more mean tweets right?