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Bear Now “Grylls”: Famed Survivalist Talks About New All-Meat Diet, Giving Up Veganism

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Bear Grylls, the famed survivalist that has been known to grab a snake or lizard and have it for lunch, recently decided to eschew his vegan lifestyle in favor of all meat and blood organs. A decided departure from gnawing on carrots and tofu.

In the past, Grylls believed in his vegan lifestyle so much that he wrote and promoted a vegan cookbook, “Fuel for Life,” that attacked society’s “unnatural ways of breeding, keeping and killing animals.” It sounds like a page straight from the PETA playbook.

Now, he has a diet consisting entirely of red meat, eggs, and organ meat. On Wednesday, Grylls told The UK Telegraph what was behind the stunning reversal. Via Fox News: 

“I was vegan quite a few years ago – in fact, I wrote a vegan cookbook – and I feel a bit embarrassed because I really promoted that,” Grylls said. “I thought that was good for the environment and I thought it was good for my health. And through time and experience and knowledge and study, I realized I was wrong on both counts.”

Grylls was doing vegan as recently as November but began to note that some of the foods he was eating seemed to be having negative health effects. He often felt low on energy and hungry. Since switching to all red meat and animal organs, he now claims his body has “never been better.”

Grylls continued: 

“For a long time, I’d been eating so many vegetables thinking it was doing me good, but just never felt like it had given me any good nutrients compared to the nutrient density I get from basically blood or bone marrow – red meat,” he said. “I’ve tried to listen to my body more, tried to listen to nature, and I don’t miss vegetables at all. I don’t go near them and I’ve never felt stronger, my skin’s never been better, and my gut’s never been better.”

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Cutting out highly processed food is key to helping your body fight off diseases such as cancer. That includes certain grains and seed-based cooking oils, as well as sugar.

In the animal kingdom, lions and tigers, and now Bear, feeds on the blood organs of other animals, so it isn’t an unreasonable question to ask; why don’t we see any fat lions and tigers? Cancer doesn’t exist in the wild. However, cancer rates for domestic animals are extremely high. The answer might lie in the nutrient-dense organ and bone marrow diets wild animals have. He continued:

“I’ve found a counterculture way of living, of embracing red meat and organs – natural food just like our millennia of ancestors would have eaten for hundreds of thousands of years. And out of all the different things I do for my health, I think that’s probably been the biggest game-changer, in the sense of improving my vitality, wellbeing, strength, skin and gut. It’s just been getting away from the processed stuff and making the predominant thing in my diet red meat and liver and the natural stuff – fruit, honey, that sort of thing. It’s just about finding a more ancestral way of living,”

The carnivore diet certainly runs the opposite of what conventional medicine and groups like the FDA and PETA might prefer, but for Bear Grylls, it works. He reports not feeling hungry anymore, and feeling satisfied after meals, two big keys to maintaining normal body weight. Eating regular meals without overeating and snacking between meals is essential to maintaining good body compensation and blood-sugar levels.

It might not work for everyone, but for Bear Grylls, the all-meat diet has been a game changer. Maybe it was cool and trendy to be a vegan and pretend you are saving the Earth, but at the end of the day, it’s about how you feel and how healthy you are as an individual. If you are too weak from the lack of animal protein that a vegan diet provides, how can you save the earth? Whatever works, works, and for Bear Grylls, meat works.