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Attention-Seeking Actress Says She Was Kicked Off Southwest Flight For Defending ‘Scantily-Clad’ Woman

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Actress Melinna Bobadilla (who?), one of the cast members on the Netflix series “Gentefied” and “Orange Is the New Black,” claims she was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after defending a woman whom she says was being “slut shamed” by a flight attendant for her revealing clothing.

Bobadilla tweeted: “Hey friends just got pulled off a @SouthwestAir flight [because] I advocated for a young woman being shamed and harassed by an employee for wearing a tank top that was deemed too revealing.” She added that the employee “became defensive when I asked about what rules the young woman was breaking.”

The actress then said the employee’s issue was over the passenger’s wearing a corset on a flight that is open to people of all ages, some of whom would find the attire offensive. But Bobadilla pointed out that a man sitting directly behind her was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt and was not flagged for what she deemed “offensive” attire.

“Basically @SouthwestAir slut shamed a young woman of color for wearing a tank top they deemed offensive, forced her to wear a company issued sweater, removed me for questioning their misogynistic policy, exercised a double standard when enforcing an alleged offensive attire rule,” she added.

The series of tweets are now “protected” content, but Breitbart published them before they were moved to their new status, including one where she called the airline “steamy stale trash,” its employees “raggedy,” and accused them of racism for attacking women of color and protecting a conservative white man:

The raggedy folks at @SouthwestAir in Sacramento disrespected two women of color, endangered one by needlessly calling the cops, and went out of their way to protect a conservative white man. Yup that tracks. @SouthwestAir is steamy, stale trash. Go out of business already— Melinna Bobadilla (@MelinnaTeatrina) July 11, 2022

Southwest Airlines responded to Bobadilla’s series of tweets with an apology, and requested further details on the incident so they can properly remedy the situation:

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Bub Bobadilla wasn’t having it, and tweeted in reply:

I don’t have faith that this can be rectified via DMs Brenna, unless you are authorized to issue an official apology, reimburse me for all costs incurred related to booking new travel, and issue a check for damages and emotional distress. — Melinna Bobadilla (@MelinnaTeatrina) July 12, 2022

So, who is the woman who flouted the airline’s dress code? Apparently, she is a pop singer named Jacy, who also posted her response to the incident via TikTok.

“Bro I got dress coded on a south west flight? Are we in highschool? Are u upset about my shoulders? It’s 102 degrees? And it caused a scene because some sweet lady stuck up for me and then kicked off the flight.”“Whoever grandma complained about me… catch me outside bich,” she added.

But Jacy wasn’t done.

In a follow-up video, the singer said, “Today has been a circus, and f*ck you Southwest. I was literally going to cry — it was so embarrassing, literally just being slut shamed in front of everybody.” She then displayed a screenshot of Bobadilla’s tweet, adding, “If it wasn’t for this lady, my angel, I love her.”

Jacy claims that she was more fully clothed than half of the other passengers on the plane who were wearing summer clothing like shorts and tank tops due to the hot 100 plus degree weather in Sacramento.

The Twitterverse responded to Bobadilla, with one user telling her to “get over yourself:”