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Atlanta Area Celebs Getting Robbed at Alarming Rate

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Our big cities are getting more dangerous, and the crime is starting to filter outward from the inner city. Used to be the elite, super rich were insulated behind their gates and walls and could just sit back and tell everyone how to live their life from the comfort and safety of their giant homes.

Not so much anymore, especially in Atlanta. Some of the Atlanta areas richest, most famous people have been getting broken into at an alarming rate recently. To be fair, getting broken into once would be alarming enough to me.

Some Atlanta based celebs like Mariah Carey, and Falcon’s star wide receiver Calvin Ridley have been victimized by gang related break ins. Of course, when you flaunt your wealth on social media for the world to see, you are going to put ideas in heads that shouldn’t have those type of ideas.

Check this out from Outkick:

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley, Mariah Carey and other Atlanta-based celebrities all had their homes broken into recently, according to an indictment. A prosecutor announced the indictment targeting members of a violent street gang targeting Atlanta-area celebrities.

The crimes in the indictment include carjacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, home invasions and shootings. The acts were allegedly committed by members of the Drug Rich gang, which Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said emerged in 2016.

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Apparently, the Drug Rich gang isn’t getting very rich from drugs if they need to be jacking Ridley and Carey. The rise in gang violence is alarming, but so is the gang’s reach. What was once just an inner-city problem is now the entire cities problem. Rich people have access to private security and advanced home alarm systems and are still being victimized, how does that bode for regular working-class folks?

Atlanta United goalkeeper Brad Guzan and Marlo Hampton of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ have had their homes broken into, per the indictment.

“What they do is target people who show their wealth on social media,” Willis said, according to ESPN.

“So I do have a message for the public: Where it is kind of fun to put your things on social media and show off, unfortunately these gangs are becoming more savvy, more sophisticated in the way that they target you.”

Honestly a little common sense would go a long way here. Stop flexing on social media! Also stop wearing 100k dollars’ worth of ice and jewelry when you head out to the club. The designer knockoffs look just as good and won’t cost 100k to replace.

If the super-rich aren’t safe in their gated subdivisions with their private security, what about the rest of us? Are we to rely on the police and the District Attorneys to do their jobs and get these animals off the streets? It appears in Atlanta they are about to start getting tougher on crime.

District Attorney Willis shared a message to members of the Drug Rich gang.

“I am not going to negotiate with gang members. I am not going to allow pleas,” she said. “We are going to find you, we are going to convict you and we’re going to send you to prison for the rest of your days, and I’m not apologizing for that.”

This is all well and good, but why does it take some high-profile celebs getting jacked before the DA decides to start cracking skulls? Regular people are victims of crime as well. The favoritism is evident, but as long as Atlanta starts taking gang violence seriously, I suppose we can overlook the ‘why” in exchange for results.