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(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Arkansas Cops Filmed Brutally Beating Man But Wokes Stay Silent Because he was White

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Warning: video contains graphic violence. 

Shocking footage has been circulating social media which appears to show a group of cops in Arkansas punching and kicking a suspect before realizing they’d been caught on camera.

The three cops in the video have all reportedly been suspended following the incident which occurred outside a gas station in Mulberry, near Little Rock on Sunday morning.

According to the officers at the scene, the suspect, Randall Worcester, 27, was being threatening to a store attendant and punched one of the cops across the back of the head when they confronted him.

The video footage which was taken by a witness on a cell phone shows the three officers savagely punching, kicking and kneeing Worcester as he laid on the floor covering his head.

One of the cops can be seen continually punching him in the head while another kicks at his lower body. The woman the clip filming appears to be in a car across the street.

She remarks “this is bad” as the police beat Worcester who is desperately trying to block the blows to his head and face. She then gasps as a cop grasps Worcester by his hair before smashing his head on the sidewalk.

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The video was uploaded to Snap Chat by the witness’s sister, Naomi Johnson.

She told the Arkansas Times that her sister had seen a man with no shoes on sitting on the side of the street talking to three officers.

He got up and tried to flee the scene but was tackled by the cops who then began the frenzied attack.

She and her friend can be heard screaming for the police to stop hitting him, but when the cops noticed they’re being filmed, one of them points at the camera and screams “back the f*** up” despite the pair remaining in their vehicle across the other side of the street.

Worcester was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment. He faces charges of terroristic threatening, resisting arrest and assault.

Meanwhile, the officers involved have all been suspended following an investigation.

“I hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures in this matter,” assured Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante.

But unlike when the police are violent towards black people, there has been no international outrage about the incident.

Many took to social media to point out that the reaction from the public, the media, institutions and corporate brands is completely different when the victim happens to be a white criminal rather than an individual from an ethnic minority.

After the murder of black man, George Floyd by a cop who kneeled on his neck, Black Lives Matter burned America to the ground week on week in riots which lasted months and spanned across the Western world.

@Real_RobN Tweeted: “A white, privileged man getting beat the shit out of by 3 Arkansas police officers. Riots? Looting? Arson?”

Ex-Brexit Party politician, Martin Daubney posted:

“Video emerges of 3 Arkansas police officers brutally beating a man.

“Cities won’t burn, the media won’t care, the mob won’t take to the streets, Hollywood & blue tick Twitter won’t demand ‘justice’. Why? Because the victim was white”.