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Arby’s Has the Meats, and the Meat Paper

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Arby’s has long been synonymous with “the meats”. The ad campaign is one of the more memorable and successful in fast food history. Despite selling food that just barely passes the sniff test, Arby’s brand has exploded in recent years, as has their product line. You are now able to get more than just weirdly textured roast beef sandwiches. Burgers, deli sandwiches, even chicken are now offered. Hence, the “meats”. I bet you weren’t aware of the newest item you can purchase at your participating Arby’s. Need wrapping paper for Christmas? More specifically delicious meat scented paper? Who doesn’t besides vegans, and let’s be honest, screw them. Check this out.

Last year Arby’s introduced wrapping paper that featured meat. This year they decided to step things up for the holiday season and added a meat scent to their wrapping paper.

Let’s just keep it real here, shall we? Arby’s is delicious. The Beef and Cheddar is arguably the greatest fast-food sandwich ever made. I will die on that hill, probably of clogged arteries. But if we are truly keeping it real, we have to ask a simple question. Exactly how much meat is in there and exactly what sad, sick cows is that roast beef coming from? The roast beef, while tasty barely smells like beef. It would be a shame if the paper smelled better than the actual sandwiches. If the beef is made from less-than-robust cattle, what is the wrapping paper made of, sick scrawny trees? Maybe old McDonalds wrappers?

The wrapping paper features one of the restaurant’s roast beef offerings. They describe the paper this way, “When you’re torn between giving the “best” gift and the “best-wrapped” gift, why not do both?”

“This smoke-scented wrapping paper comes with some Arby’s-themed gift tags, just so you don’t mistake it for a gift to yourself.”

Arby’s has brilliantly taken bad fast food and with a wink and nod made it cool and kitschy enough to attract new customers and keep the old faithful’s (that are still living) coming back. Will the wrapping paper be as big a hit as the sammies? What kid wouldn’t want to wake up Christmas morning, rush downstairs and find a meaty, smokey gift from old Saint Nick under the tree? From my experience you could wrap a kid’s gifts in old newspaper like a fish and they would still go bananas. Probably smell about as good too. The gift, not the kid.

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If the wrapping paper isn’t for you they also have other holiday items for sale. Perhaps an Arby’s matching family pajama set or festive dog pajamas are more your speed. Or maybe you’re looking for a Christmas tree “meat skirt.” Unfortunately, they’re all sold out of their season’s meatings glass.

There’s something for every roast beef aficionado at Arby’s! However, I would suggest if you have a dog or cat to refrain from using the meat scented paper. These days I can rarely finish my second beef and cheddar, and my dog thinks they are delicious.