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AOC Plays The Victim Over Her Own “Present” Vote On Israel Defense

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

On Friday, September 4th, 2021 congress voted 420-9 in support of Israel’s $1 billion dollar “Iron Dome” defense system. The bill, which was overwhelmingly supported by the house of representatives, helps Israel fund their ability to shoot down or blow up incoming missile attacks from Palestine.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who was once proclaimed to be the future and the face of the Democratic party, voted “present” on the bill to help protect the peoples of Israel. After facing “widespread condemnation across the political spectrum on Friday” AOC put out a statement of 900 words or more explaining why she didn’t simply vote no on an issue she believes should not have been supported.

AOC told her constituents that she was  opposed to the bill and that it was “deeply unjust” and shouldn’t have been brought “to the house floor.”

According to Fox News AOC admitted that she actually cried on the house floor when it was her turn to vote. In the statement provide below she said “Yes, I wept, I wept at the complete lack of care for the human beings that are impacted by these decisions, I wept at an institution choosing a path of maximum volatility and minimum consideration for its own political convenience.”


The Daily Wire gathered the following responses from other journalists and tweeters.

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  • Batya Ungar-Sargon, Newsweek: “I don’t understand much of this statement, though I now think my reading of AOC’s vote was pretty wrong. What matters most here is that per AOC, ‘the majority of constituent feedback’ asked her to ‘quell the volatility of this moment in our community.’ Twitter, meet constituents.”


  • Sean Davis, The Federalist: “Cortez is little more than a functionally illiterate woke actress, and this selection of word vomit is what happens when on-screen talent try to write their own lines.”


  • Kimberley Strassel, The Wall Street Journal, wrote mockingly: “Allow me to bore you with a two-page letter that still doesn’t explain why I voted present.”


  • Helaine Olen, The Washington Post: “No explanation would have been better than this.”


  • Miriam Elder, The Hive: “Are AOC’s sharp political instincts waning? Met Gala now this weird letter that postures one way while failing to explain why she didn’t vote against it.”


  • Moti Ankari: “The best part of AOC voting present is now more people hate her.”


  • David Harsanyi, National Review: “This is just gibberish.”


  • “You voted ‘present’ because you’re salivating over Chuck Schumer’s seat.”


  • Noah Pollak: “This BDS supporter, collaborator in the Squad’s obsessive slanders of Israel, and defender of her colleagues’ anti-semitism, is complaining about the ‘discourse’ around Israel and declaring herself the victim (she’s *always* a victim!) of ‘hateful targeting.’”


  • Josh Jordan: “That’s a whole lot of words to never explain the reason for the letter which was why she voted present on the Iron Dome funding as opposed to no.”


  • Ryan Knight: “That’s a whole lot of words to say that you are a coward who didn’t have the courage to stand up for the Palestinian people when it mattered most.”


  • Fiorella Isabel: “AOC always makes herself a victim. Ultimately she voted ‘present’ on apartheid because of a career move. It’s not the first time. She did this same move to fund Capitol Police with $1.9 Billion after initially saying ‘no.’ If your can’t handle doing your job, get the f*** out!”