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Another One: Oregon Hunters Film Alleged Box-Shaped UFO

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Maybe this one isn’t a Chinese balloon! More and more unidentified objects are being spotted all around the country, as people are keeping their eyes on the skies for the next big UFO sighting. Whether we are talking about drones, weather balloons, spy balloons, or just plain hobby balloons, the UFO craze has been reignited of late by the volume of sightings, especially those caught on film.

The military has released a number of strange occurrences and sightings and even went as far as to suggest there could be a mother-ship in the solar system sending unmanned probes to Earth. While I find that a little hard to swallow, the more video evidence we get, the better.

Recently some hunters in Oregon took cell phone footage of a very strange, box-like object. Check this out.

The popular YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily shared a video Sunday of a small group of hunters carrying firearms that appeared to film something off in the distance in the sky.

“Eyewitness states: IT WAS A STRANGE CUBE FLOATING IN THE AIR. I was with 3 friends. We were out hunting. We walked up into a clear cut and there it was. Maybe 300 feet away and about 50 feet off the ground. Strangely none of us remembered this. It wasn’t until I was moving some random video clips did I discover it. I have the video. Again, very oddly, once we observed this cube for awhile the 3 of us just turned and left. As it was simply of no more interest to us. How would do that? [sic] Just turn and walk away from a UFO,” the video’s description states.

Perhaps there was some Bud Light consumption that led the hunters to forget about the video and the strange object, but when they discovered it they promptly posted it to YouTube. Considering the sighting was in the middle of the day, the video is fairly decent quality, and certainly, something is afoot in the Oregon mountains.

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After viewing the video, it is fair to say that SOMETHING is visible. Is it a UFO? Maybe. Exactly where the men were and the terrain is unknown, so we can’t rule out someone with a drone, but the object definitely appeared to be hovering and turning in the sky.

At the same time, none of the hunting party seemed particularly concerned, as no weapons were raised and little commentary could be heard. Again, maybe the Bud Light?

It is reasonable to be skeptical about the prospect of alien life and UFOs. Something is going on, but perhaps there are better explanations than little green men.

As is the case with Bigfoot and ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, it’s fun to want to believe, but until I see an actual ghost, or an actual Bigfoot, or for that matter, an actual UFO with my own eyes, I have to contain my excitement. For these Oregon hunters, they contained their excitement so much that they forgot it even happened.