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Another Dead body Found in Lake Mead Raising Questions!!

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It is Deja Vu in Clark County once again as another dead body has recently been discovered in Lake Mead as water levels in the reservoir remain low. As this seems to become a recurring event in Clark County, the public has begun to raise questions. 

Just this year, two other dead bodies have been found at Lake Mead, and curiosity has risen about the origin of these bodies. As official information about these bodies has still not been released, different speculations about the causes of their deaths and the circumstances surrounding the occurrence have continued to spread around the county. 

The third body, which was recently discovered on the 25th of July, has now made the residents of this county more fearful than curious as no one wishes to be the next ‘body.’ This currently unidentified body was found close to Swim Beach, an area where many people visit to relax and swim. Clark County’s coroner Melanie Rouse had said that the identity or gender had not been discovered yet. She added that the body was lodged in the mud at the shoreline, north of the Hemenway Harbor Marina. 

Following the discovery of the body, the officials immediately closed off the area and began investigations. The National Park Service said in a statement to the press that “Park rangers are on scene and have set a perimeter to recover the remains.” In addition, he mentioned that “The Clark County Medical Examiner has been contacted to determine the cause of the death. The investigation is ongoing.”

This lake is now proving to be more dangerous than people had thought and concerned residents have begun to question if the lake will probably be better off shut down.  Despite the hazardous reputation the lake has maintained, the first body to be found in it this summer appears to have been there for decades now. Investigations are ongoing, but speculations are that it is connected to a mob killing. 

A Kayaker’s body that went missing earlier this week was also found in this lake by scuba divers and the police. This kayaker is believed to have lost control of his kayak on the lake, which led to him eventually drowning. 

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In similar news, a Higgins landing craft that appears to be from the World War II era has also recently resurfaced from this reservoir. The boat, which was 186 feet below the surface, is now nearly halfway out of the water at the shrinking reservoir. According to a Dive tour company in Las Vegas, this boat was used to survey the Colorado River by a local diving company many decades ago and was sold to the marina before it sunk. Higgins, a New Orleans-based Company, manufactured this craft from 1942 to 1945.

Notwithstanding, this reservoir, the largest human-made reservoir in the United States, has unearthed different puzzling objects from bodies to World War II-era boats and has left the entire country wondering what might come out of it next.