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America Hating Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe at It Again

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Here we go again! Just like a bad case of athletes foot, or jock itch, or wokeness, Megan Rapinoe just won’t go away! No matter how much attention she gets!

Recently Rapinoe took time from her busy schedule of hating America, being mediocre at soccer, and being a general pain in the ass to focus her unwanted attention on a new subject! Oh fun!

What’s the story? What’s Megan fussing about now? What slight, real or perceived, is on her radar?

According to Outkick:

Megan Rapinoe has a new complaint.

Now that the U.S. Women’s National Team is receiving the same compensation as the Men’s squad, Rapinoe is turning her attention – and anger – towards former OL Reign coach Farid Benstiti, whom she alleges “fat-shamed” her and her teammates.

OL Reign is based in Seattle and part of the National Women’s Soccer League. Rapinoe’s been a member of the team since 2013. Benstiti had been head coach until being asked to resign last July.

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Full disclosure, I don’t follow soccer. No offense to anyone who does. However I wasn’t even aware there was women’s professional soccer in America. Of course I don’t watch lefty networks like ESPN, so I don’t have anyone telling me what I should be watching to make me a woke person. My bad.

What I am curious about is how you “fat shame” women who SHOULD be in fantastic shape? Have you seen soccer? It’s nothing but running. Like literally, nothing but running.

Earlier this week Rapinoe appeared on NPR and insinuated that Benstiti’s decision to step down was made so he did not have to face allegations of harassment.

“Our coach got fired last year, from the Reign,” Rapinoe said. “He made some — it was basically like a fat-shaming comment. He was talking about — he’s going to, like, take people’s food away. And I’m like, oh my god, grow up. You just got yourself fired; you’re so stupid.”

Just saying, she isn’t fat, and that’s a lot of “likes” and “oh, my Gods” from a 36 year old woman that looks like a 36 year old Scandinavian man. That’s mean. I apologize to Scandinavian men everywhere.

On a serious note, what truly infuriates me is the attitude of an EMPLOYEE, which she is, of that soccer club. The comment about the coach getting himself fired is maddening.

Professional sports, even sports only popular on the fringe like women’s soccer, have a problem with the employees thinking they run the business. If I owned whatever team she played for, I’d have sent her ass packing and dealt with the fallout. The players can’t run the team.

That being said, I don’t have 5 friends willing to invest $500 each to buy a professional women’s soccer club, so I guess I don’t have to worry about it.

Rapinoe, a 36-year-old forward, said that Benstiti regularly commented on the women’s weights and diets causing discomfort amongst the players. She went on to add that because the women were underpaid, their ability to speak up was limited.

“But, like, just little stuff like that, where if you’re making $25,000 and you have no autonomy over your rights, you have — you’re not a free agent. You’re barely scraping by,” Rapinoe told NPR. “You just came out of college. Like, you’re not going to say anything. You’re just not. It’s too difficult to put someone in that position.”

So let’s see, these women play a sport that requires a certain level of physical fitness to compete. The coach comments about diet and weight of players, because the coach has to win to keep his job, and his players have to be fit to compete. The coach has to quit or likely be fired for comments made about his players level of fitness and their diets. That is truly a no win situation.

Not to be overlooked is the comment about women being underpaid. It’s women’s professional soccer. $25,000 sounds pretty fair.


Thank goodness we have warriors like Megan Rapinoe! Someone that can take time from their busy schedule of hating her country and generally being a pain! You go girl! Far away preferably!