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Amber Heard Goes Full Meltdown: People Want to Microwave My Baby!

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Amber Heard broke down in tears in the courtroom yesterday as she spoke about the ‘smear campaign’ directed at her, which has left her life and career in tatters.

Heard, 36, told the court that she feels people have forgotten she is human and said she is “harassed, humiliated and threatened every single day.” The Aquaman actress claimed that Depp’s fans want to microwave her baby.

Heard criticized her former husband’s antics in the courtroom, putting on her usual bizarre display of contorted faces. However, throughout the 7-week-long defamation trial, Depp smiled and laughed with his legal team, even drawing pictures and doodling as Heard’s team called their witnesses:

“I’m not sitting in this courtroom snickering. I’m not sitting in this courtroom laughing and making snide jokes. This is horrible, this painful and this is humiliating for any human being to go through. Perhaps it’s easy to go forget that, I’m a human being.”

The embattled actress went on to claim that Depp, 58, had purposefully encouraged his fans to attack and “torture” her – presumably, she meant on social media:

I don’t deserve this,” she said, screwing her face into a ball and quivering her bottom lip.

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“The attacks on me the campaign that Johnny has elicited millions of people to do on his behalf, torture me.”

Heard, who once enjoyed a glittering Hollywood career, having secured roles in the likes of superhero action movie Aquaman and the Danish Girl with co-star Eddie Redmayne, said she now suffers crippling panic attacks, wakes up screaming, and has to have “rules” when visiting a gynecologist:

“My hands shake, I wake up screaming…my friends have to live with a set of unspoken rules about how not to scare me, how to not touch me, not surprise me. Intimate partners have rules about how they can touch me. 

“I have rules about medical professionals….gynecologists I see – for me not to have a panic attack or triggering event, where I relive the trauma, even if I’m training for a movie, Aquaman 2. A trigger happens and I have a meltdown, I have to deal with that because of the damage I have.”

Perhaps most bizarrely of all, Heard went on to say that Johnny Depp’s fans would kill her baby daughter Oonagh Paige, 1, by putting her in a microwave:

People want to put my baby in a microwave and they tell me that,” she said.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp claims that Heard is “full of sh—as a Christmas goose,” that the actress drinks bottles of wine every night and would often become verbally and physically abusive.

Depp also claimed Heard had sliced off the tip of his finger by throwing a vodka bottle at his hand, while Heard claimed that Depp had caused the injury himself by punching a wall.

Dr. Richard Gilbert, a hand consultant, and expert orthopedic surgeon, noted that Depp’s hand had several fractures in it along with a laceration which suggested a blunt force combined with a large object – like a heavy glass bottle:

“This appeared based upon my review of the pictures to be some type of sharp laceration; it represented a clean edge of the wound,” he explained.

“I do believe’ that Depp’s explanation could be the reason for the injury.

“A vodka bottle which is a hard object, would have crushed the tip of the finger resulting in comminuted fracture.

“As the vodka bottle broke, it would have lacerated the finger resulting in this injury.”

The defamation trial is set to conclude later today.