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Alex Jones Loses Defamation Lawsuit Over Lack Of Evidence

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Let it be known that if you are planning to make some wild accusations and create a career off of conspiracy theories, you’d better be able to back it up. If not, you might find yourself forced to pay out. Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled on Monday, November 15th, 2021 that Alex Jones was “liable for defamation” and that he knowingly spread “the false conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a “hoax”.”

Ruling in favor of 8 different families that were suing Jones, Judge Bellis “found that Jones lost the case because” he didn’t bring any of the “critical material” that had been ordered by the court. The material would have forced the families to “prove their claims.”

Because the ruling was a default ruling it means there will be an additional hearing to determine just how much Jones will be forced to pay in damages to the plaintiffs.

In case you don’t recall or weren’t old enough to really know, on Friday, December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza (20 years old) killed his 52 year old mother, Nancy Lanza by shooting her four times in the head. He then went to Sandy Hook Elementary school where he would kill six adults and twenty children. Not including his own suicide, Lanza would murder 27 total people on that tragic day.

While there were conflicting stories in regards to the order of events, what was said by Lanza or how children and the school staff died or survived, there was nothing so far out of the ordinary as to presume some type of hoax. Mass casualty events are chaotic when they only involve adults, but when adding into the tragedy five to six hundred horrified and traumatized students, the confusion would be unfathomable.

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And yet, Alex Jones accused the parents of the children to be actors and claimed the entire event was a false flag operation. Some of the parents have claimed to have received death threats or that they’ve been harassed about the “truth” of their children’s deaths because of Infowars. Jones has many other theories as well that he has since recanted to some extent or another. When a man tried to free endangered and enslaved children that Jones stated would be raped, murdered and eaten by Hillary Clinton at a pizza place in DC, Jones admitted that he “made comments…that in hindsight I regret.” Legal experts claims that the man who was sentenced to four years in prison, Edgar Welch, would have a good shot at winning a lawsuit against Alex Jones as well.

Three years ago during a deposition hearing wherein he was attempting to get a defamation suit tossed in Texas, Alex Jones blamed the whole situation and the evidence he shared on the show Infowars on some kind of psychosis. Jones said he “almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged” and that “the trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much, then everything begins — you don’t trust anything anymore, kind of like a child whose parents lie to them over and over again, well, pretty soon they don’t know what reality is.”

While many outlets will call Alex Jones a right wing commentator, many on the right have lambasted Jones and called him out for his dangerous, silly, and outright cruel lies. Alex Jones has gotten into plenty of twitter feuds, but back in 2018 when the lawsuit in Texas was beginning, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire was challenged by Jones to a debate.

Shapiro declined and pointed to the Sandy Hook and 9/11 conspiracy theories that Jones believes in and helped to spread.

It’s also been no secret that conservative Glenn Beck isn’t a fan of his either. Beck highlights the biggest conspiracies that Jones has and the apologies or settlements he’s had to cough up.