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Alex Jones, Founder of InfoWars Files for Bankruptcy

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Most of us if not all have heard of or tuned into Alex Jones at one point or another, and whether you stood with his messages of freedom and saw most of what he used to claim come to pass, or you called him and his whole team of InfoWars a bunch of conspiracy theorists and the things that came to pass that he was correct on was nothing more than coincidence one thing is for sure, they sure would stir the pot and get people thinking.

Whichever side of the line you fell on, the fact remains that he may have bitten off a bit too much and dug too deep. Years ago, during the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place, he was allegedly saying that the shooting was fake and that it was only being done to usher in an agenda to disarm America.

The fact is that Sandy Hook was not a hoax and was as real as these recent shootings were. Since that big mistake, he along with all of InfoWars has been under heavy scrutiny. At one point were getting too many eyes on their channel on Youtube and social media, and much like former president Donald Trump who was also leaking truth and telling it how it was, they were canceled and forced to make their website and channel named InfoWars.

Due to the series of lawsuits and backlash that has spanned several years, the parent of the InfoWars website filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Friday as the organization and its founder Alex jones face up to $150 million in punitive fees in a trial over longstanding misrepresentation that he perpetuated about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

While some of the families who were offended by Alex Jones’ alleged words of calling the shooting a hoax or fake are somewhat satisfied with the bankruptcy filled, others aren’t and want more. Three other InfoWars entities also filed for bankruptcy in April and proposed $10 million to resolve the prosecution, but this was far less than what the families were looking for.

Alex Jones himself was found responsible last year in claims Sandy Hook families documented after he allegedly said that the 2012 school slaughter was a scam, but at one point in time, I remember him saying something along the lines that he didn’t mean that the shooting itself was a hoax, rather that this New World Order and the governments will use it to disarm America. Of course, trying to look it up now is like finding a needle in a haystack since all that generates are the lawsuits and allegations.

The families of the Sandy Hook massacre in the past had rejected Jones and InfoWars trying to file for bankruptcy claiming that Alex Jones is simply trying to protect his assets by filing for bankruptcy. However, even though he was able to file this time the trial will continue as scheduled.

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“Our clients are pleased that despite the bankruptcy, their trial will continue and that the jury will return a verdict,” Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing the Sandy hook families said. “Now, InfoWars is heading directly for its long-awaited, reckoning.”

The case is expected to continue as soon as Monday and will include testimony from the parents of one of the children who sadly lost their lives in the school shooting.

One thing is for certain and that is that this entire thing feels very reminiscent of how people were and still are going after former president Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 mess, and just how the president didn’t just stay down, I expect Jones will raise his head again at one point or another.