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After 30 Long Years, Police Charge Man With Double Homicide

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A man suspected of homicide in 1992 has just been charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide by the Wisconsin police department following new evidence that surfaced.

51-year-old Tony Hasse is accused of killing Tanna Togstad and her boyfriend, Timothy Mumbrue. Tanna Togstad was the daughter of the man involved in a snowmobile crash with Haase’s father 15 years prior to his vicious acts in 1992. The Division of Criminal Investigation announced that he had been charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide in connection to the death of the deceased couple.

The bodies of his victims, Tanna Togstad and Timothy Mumbrue, were found with several stab wounds in their farmhouse in rural Waupaca County. Togstad was stabbed directly in the chest, and her boyfriend, Mumbrue, was stabbed multiple times. Their murderer also chose to kill their pet, as their dog was also found stabbed to death.

According to police reports, it was discovered that Haase was a “major male contributor” to the DNA found on the murder scene after he gave a DNA sample during a traffic stop last month. He finally admitted to this murder after 30 years of saying otherwise.

He told the police that he had visited bars alone on March 20, 1992. As he became drunk, Haase thought about his father, who had died in a snowmobile race after a crash with Togstad’s father when he was 7 years old. As he got drunk, he started thinking of his father, which somehow led him to Togstad’s home. He mentioned that he had a fight with Mumbrue that ended with him stabbing both victims and their dogs.

When asked why he didn’t tell the authorities when interrogated, Haase replied, “I didn’t want it to sound like I had it planned.” Though he had denied knowing anything about the murders, he eventually said he “was afraid he was involved” when he first saw the news reports of the deaths.

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He also said he was drunk and did not have a clear memory of what happened that night and could only recall snippets throughout the years. He added that he could also see flashes of himself walking down the front steps of the home, vomiting in the yard, and nothing more. 

A criminal complaint read: “For many years, case investigators have continually investigated leads, performed investigative follow-up, performed interviews, collected DNA and fingerprint standards from many individuals-of-interest, utilized alternative investigative strategies, re-tested many articles of evidence, executed search warrants and exhausted follow-up on any and all actionable intelligence related to the case.

Attorney General Josh Kaul also commended the work of the authorities and everyone involved for not giving up on this case. “This arrest happened because of investigators’ unwavering pursuit of justice over the course of three decades. Thank you to everyone whose commitment to this investigation made this arrest possible.”

DCI is leading this investigation and is assisted by the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office, the Wisconsin State Patrol, the State Crime Lab, the Waupaca County District Attorney, and the FBI.

Haase was booked into the Waupaca County jail Thursday and appeared in court Friday, where his bond was set to $2 million cash. He is also scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday for his next hearing.