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Actor’s Girlfriend Wakes Up to Intruder Staring at Her in Crime-Ridden L.A.

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Celebrities and those connected to them are not immune from the sweeping crime wave hitting Los Angeles, and the girlfriend of actor Casey Affleck found this out the hard way when she awoke to an intruder staring down at her in bed.

Actress Caylee Cowan was alone sleeping in the couple’s Los Angeles home when she heard a sound that woke her up and discovered a man staring at her while she lay in bed in the early morning hours. Cowan screamed, scaring the man and leading him to run out from the house, according to TMZ as reported by Breitbart.

Cowan immediately called 911 and was able to provide a description of the man who was later caught running down the street and arrested. Cowan was not physically harmed in the incident.

It is unclear how the man was able to enter the home as there were no signs of forced entry. According to the TMZ report he had gone through Cowan’s belongings in another room before entering her bedroom. The LAPD booked him for burglary in addition to charges that are expected to be added by the District Attorney.

A rash of crime has befallen Tinseltown in addition to the Cowan intruder with three frightening incidents occuring in February this year.

A man with a loaded gun was seen knocking on the door of “Baywatch” star Alexandra Daddario’ house, then stood outside it screaming before a neighbor called police. Later that month fashion mogul, model, and tattoo artist Kat von D had her home burglarized by an intruder who told her he wanted to use the bathroom.  This incident partially prompted Von D to move to Indiana part-time in addition to what she calls “tyrannical government overreach.” Also, in February rapper Kodak Black was shot in the leg outside singer Justin Bieber’s after-party.

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In late 2021 television host and actor Terrence Jenkins, aka “Terrence J,” was shot at by a gunman who attempted to rob his home.  Jenkins was not injured in the incident.

These recent events come years after several frightening incidents involving actresses, one that was deadly.

Actress Sandra Bullock encountered an intruder who had been stalking her inside her home in 2014. Bullock locked herself in a closet while waiting for the intruder to leave. She was physically unharmed but revealed that she suffered emotional trauma which led her to seek professional help.

The most gruesome incident occurred in 1989 when an obsessed fan located and killed actress Rebecca Schaffer at her Los Angeles home. The fan paid a private investigator to look up Schaeffer’s address using DMV records.

The uptick in all violent crime in Los Angeles has led to a successful attempt in garnering enough signatures to put a recall of the current district attorney George Gascon on the ballot next election. Gascon, a Soros-funded attorney, has been accused of being soft on crime, refusing to prosecute certain crime and releasing prisoners early.  His radical reforms include ending cash bail, barring prosecutors from seeking the death penalty, barring juveniles from being tried as adults and ending what’s known as “sentence enhancements” for aggravated crimes.