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According to Biden America’s Communities Are Nothing More than ‘Killing Fields’

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Another attack on America’s rights has been engaged in the name of safety when Joe Biden on Monday said that gun violence has transformed the communities in America into “killing fields” as he marked the passage of the first critical government gun ‘safety’ legislation in over twenty years.

Biden said that the package he endorsed into regulation addresses “an important start,” but more needs to be done to combat the massive gun violence we see here in America. How much more? Probably until all the guns are taken from law-abiding citizens, and we all have to depend on the government for protection. Not only do they want to take our guns away, but they want to bar us from obtaining them – legally. C’mon man!

He continued by saying: “Now’s the time to galvanize this movement because that’s our duty to the people of the nation. That’s what we owe those families in Buffalo, where a grocery store became a killing field. That’s what we owe those families in Uvalde, where an elementary school became a killing field. That’s what we owe those families in Highland Park, where on July Fourth, a parade became a killing field.”

They sure know how to milk a sticky situation for their cause – especially these types of tragedies where they pull on America’s heart strings to manipulate us to give them more control.

He said that we owe it to a very large number of families all around the country for this past tragic event along with all the others throughout the past numerous years from our schools, places of employment, local stores, places of worship, and various other local areas that have turned into “killing fields.”

While there is an issue in America, it isn’t with firearms or our rights. We The People are not pulling up to schools and slinging bullets at innocent people. We have our arms to protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones and those around us. Criminals don’t follow laws and don’t obtain firearms the legal way, so these laws will only get in the way of We the People and will not help prevent the next mass shooting.

Like painting a perfect picture Biden hosted victims of mass shootings from Columbine to Highland Park at a White House occasion praising the government firearm security regulation he signed into law last month. This new regulation is the most significant milestone for the gun-grabbing tyrant since the ‘assault’ weapons ban back in 1994, which expired back in 2004.

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It’s all about control and this of course goes without saying that this democrat isn’t satisfied with his inch. He wants the whole mile and even more. He said the law isn’t enough and misses the mark on gun violence, but this is what he and his party were able to accomplish right now in response to recent events.

“It will not save every life from the epidemic of gun violence, but if this law had been in place years ago, even this last year, lives would have been saved. It matters. It matters. But it’s not enough and we all know that” he said.

Sadly, he’s feeding America a lie. This law or any law wouldn’t have stopped any past tragic events from happening, nor will they prevent them.