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Absurd! British Royal Air Force Requested Nonwhite Pilot for Top Gun: Maverick Premiere

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

It keeps getting harder to be a white man, doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Being a white man in America is still better than being any race, anywhere else, but it’s getting closer.

Now, while I think “white privilege” is mostly a media driven narrative intended to incite racism and divide America, it apparently is spreading across the Atlantic.

Remember Top Gun: Maverick? The super smash summer blockbuster that displayed almost no virtue signaling and was overtly patriotic? Of course you do, as it is one of the biggest movies ever and a smash hit worldwide. America!

Apparently, the fine folks of Great Britain, particularly the Royal Air Force were particularly concerned about offending people of color to the point of requesting a nonwhite pilot to attend the premier! Yea racism!

Check this out from Breitbart:

The Royal Air force (RAF) specifically requested that anyone but a white male pilot be sent to appear alongside film star Tom Cruise at the premiere of the film Top Gun: Maverick earlier this year.

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Previously I thought RAF stood for Royal Air Force. Maybe it should now be known as the Racist Air Force? Nah, you can’t be racist toward white folks!

The email, which was sent in April ahead of the May 19th Top Gun: Maverick premiere in London, called for candidates among the RAF’s pilots to be selected to appear alongside the film’s star, Tom Cruise — but asked that no white males be considered if possible.

The alleged email, which was obtained and published by the Daily Mail newspaper this week, was written by a person named “Sarah” and asked: “Do any of you have a ‘Pilot, who is preferably not white male’ who would like to be the ‘RAF’ face at a press event for the release of Top Gun 2?”

Racist much RAF?

Admittedly I don’t know much about the Royal Air Force, except the assumption that England probably had one.

I can’t imagine it is much of an arsenal.

Is it three old planes and a couple of news helicopters?

Perhaps a couple refurbished old jets they bought at a US Air Force yard sale?

Maybe a janky bomber they got off of Craigslist?

Whatever the status of their “Air Force”, how many pilots could they have?

The leaked email is just the latest report suggesting a negative attitude towards white men in the RAF, with an RAF chief recruiter even resigning from her post earlier this month after she had been asked to, as she saw it, unlawfully discriminate against white male candidates.

According to the recruiter, she was asked to prioritise ethnic minority and female candidates: “This direction is to make offers of employment to additional women and EM [ethnic minority] candidates solely on the basis of their protected characteristics and in preference to non-EM men who have successfully passed all selection criteria ahead of them.”

So, the Royal Air Force is so desperate for minorities and women that they will bump white dudes that are more qualified in exchange for optics?

Great plan! Put your countries national security at risk so no one gets their little feelings hurt. I suspect that if the royal Air Force were actually needed, the citizens of Great Britain wouldn’t care what color they were so long as they were stopping the advancing hordes.

I guess that’s America’s job though, to protect our friends across the pond.

Hopefully if you need us, we will have enough women and minorities to send you!