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A Real Head Scratcher For Biden

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On Sunday, October 31st, 2021, President Joe Biden was asked a question so uncomfortable, so confounding, that he turned away and scratched his head! Who asked the question? It was posed by Fox News White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy. What was the question? “Mr. President, is it true we’re going to give $450,000 to border crossers who are separated?” 

According to Fox News, Doocy caught Biden on an escalator just after the president finished a Press Conference to end the two day G20 summit meetings. While he had him, the reporter figured it would be a good time to ask the president about the cash provision for illegal immigrants that were separated from their families during the Trump Administration. Of course, the President remained verbally silent, but his actions left people wondering if the head scratch was the answer.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported on a debate the Biden Administration was having about whether or not it would give individual illegal immigrants reparations for their treatment during Donald J. Trump’s presidency. How much money would be handed out to these illegal border crossers? $450,000 each and upwards of a $1,000,000 per family. Why is Biden and his team considering this? Because illegal immigrants have lawyered up and are claiming psychological duress and trauma from being separated from their children or parents.

The reactions were not greeted with any semblance of support from Republicans. Tom Cotton, reminded the internet that it just doesn’t make sense to reward criminals for criminal behavior when he stated on twitter that, “It’s unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime. Yet the Biden admin wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country up to $450,00 each for just that reason. Insanity.” 

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Dan Crenshaw was quick to bring up the payments made to fallen soldiers and veterans of the United States Military. He pointed out that the next of kin to service members who are “killed in action” get payments from insurance of only $400,000. That’s not a sum that is given per individual, just the next of kin to share among those left behind by their loved one and that comes from Service Member Group Life Insurance that must be paid into by the service members. As for the U.S. Government, when someone dies during their military service, they give a “single tax-free payment of $100,000” to loved ones. Again, that’s to be shared, not per individual within the family.

Representative Doug Lamborn brought up the 9/11 Victim’s compensation fund in his tweet…

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke on Fox & Friends on Friday, October 29th, 2021. He had this to say, “Well, my, my reaction is ‘Totally unacceptable’. Of course their whole policy of the southern border has been a disaster from day one. It’s remarkable to think that under our administration, we built 400 miles of border wall and literally by implementing what was known as the Remain in Mexico policy, we reduced illegal immigration by 90%.”

He spoke about Joe Biden rescinding the Remain in Mexico Policy on day one and the consequences of that.

Pence when on to say, “But the reality is that they’ve unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years. And it’s all been because of dismantling policies that were working, but also sending a message south of the border — that America’s borders are open to people coming, coming north and entering our country illegally or abusing our asylum system.”

Watch the video below for the entire interview.