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Video: A Mystery in the Oder River Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads

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An odd occurrence has scientists scratching their heads as they look for an explanation at the Oder River which ranges from Czechia to the border located between Germany and Poland just before converging with the Baltic Sea.

According to some of the media coming out of Germany, the hypothesis is that they believe the river might have been poisoned. This is because there have been tons amounts of fish that have washed ashore dead.

Scientists have been studying the fish and cannot locate the reason for the mass die-off. They additionally tested the water from the river and found that there was nothing out of the ordinary. There was no mercury poisoning in the water, and there were elevated levels of brininess, but other than that everything else seemed normal.

The minister of environment and climate, Anna Moskwa, expressed examinations of stream tests taken in both Poland and Germany uncovered raised salt levels. Extensive toxicology investigations are as yet still in progress in Poland, she said.

She said Poland’s state veterinary administration analyzed seven types of dead fish and said that mercury was not the reason for the mass death of fish. However, she is still waiting for other test results to come back of different substances. She said test results from Germany had likewise not shown a high presence of mercury.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki publicly addressed the concerning fish death on Friday saying that “huge amounts of chemical waste” were likely unloaded purposefully into his nation’s second-longest river, causing ecological harm so extreme that it would require a very long time for the river to return to normal.

On Saturday, Morawiecki promised to do all that could be within reach to restrict the natural decimation. Poland’s inside serve said compensation of 1 million zlotys ($220,000 U.S. dollars) would be paid to any individual who helps track down those liable for contaminating the stream.

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The public who uses the river won’t be the only ones affected by the mass die-off either. Experts in the northeastern German province of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania cautioned the public not to go fishing, consume any fish, or even so much as utilize the contaminated water from the Szczecin lagoon since it’s thought that the water would soon be contaminated by the river eventually making its way to the pond where the contamination will converge and taint the waters there as well.

“The extent of the fish die-off is shocking. This is a blow to the Oder as a waterway of great ecological value, from which it will presumably not recover for a long time,” said Alex Vogel, the climate serve for Germany’s Brandenburg state, along which the river runs.

To put it into perspective, the head of Polish waters, Poland’s public water executive authority, said Thursday that so far there have been 10 tons of fish removed from the river, and there’s even more to go.

While scientists scramble to find out what exactly happened to cause the death of tons of fish, others online are commenting putting in their hypotheses and thoughts.

While some people are joking about the situation saying things like, “No doubt it was “fish pox”, right?” or “Will smell like Kamala in a day or two.”

Others are more concerned, and one user commented in all caps urgently saying, “People Are Posting Jokes But This Is Serious!!! It’s An Act Of Terrorism That Can Spread To Other Regions. It’s A Scary Thing To Have Some Psycho Terrorists Mess With Your Water!!! Any Waste, Be It Cans, Plastic Bottles, Cell Phones, Fishing Wire, Old Bicycles, Old Tires, The Trash From Your Drive Thru Lunch, Or Anything Else Classless People Decide To Toss In Or Near A Water Source Or On The Ground Because They’re Too Lazy To Dispose Of It Properly Is A Serious Threat To Entire Ecosystems!!! Such Classless People Should Be Charged With Acts Of Terrorism Instead Of, At The Best Of Times, Lightweight Littering Fines!!! I’m Not An “Extremists” As Some Would Label A Person That Voices Such Concerns, The People That Commit These Acts Are All Extreme Terrorists!!! I Just A Person That Wants To Be Able To Drink A Cup Of Clean Water With My Fish Supper!!!”

Whatever the reason is, with food shortages and super inflation all around the world, we can’t afford to continue to see mass die-offs of animals like this.