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A Mother Wants $50 Million From School Over Son’s Death

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A school in Washington, DC, is being sued for $50 million by the mother of a boy who was killed when he was struck by a car just outside of his school.

His mother asserted via her lawyer in a press conference on Friday that she had initially picked him up in this manner a number of times. Kaidyn Green, who is nine years old, had been called up by the department at Kipp DC Honor Academy on December 10 last year for an early release. The incident occurred after his mother requested an early release for him. A child his age would normally not be allowed to leave the school on his own and would be followed to the front office, where his mom Tiffani Green was waiting for him, was left unaccompanied and allowed to leave the school on his own. After that, he made an attempt to cross the road, but he was struck by a car. 

Kaidyn passed away on June 2, and Green filed a lawsuit on June 6 against Kipp DC, LGC Security LLC, the person driving William Maurice Ward, and the owner of the vehicle, Patrice Dixon. Green also named William Maurice Ward and Patrice Dixon as defendants in the suit. 

According to Green’s attorney Keith Watters, during the conference, the child was not brought to the front desk in accordance with the standard procedure for whatever reason the security and/or the school may have had. Watters referred to this as “gross negligence.” 

During the time that her attorney was speaking, Green wore sunglasses and sat in the middle seat beside her two sisters at the meeting. She was the first person to arrive at the scene of the accident after hearing it from the main office of the building. Kaidyn was her only son. 

According to Watters, Wheeler Road is so hazardous that it has been the subject of an inquiry, there have been suggestions made, and the city has been studying it for years in order to determine what should be done about the traffic situation there. 

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The injury to Green’s son left him paralyzed from the neck down, and he spent nearly six months in the hospital as a result. Even though Kaidyn required medical monitoring twenty hours per day from a nursing agency, his family chose to celebrate his discharge by throwing a party on the day he was finally able to go home. That evening, his assigned nurse went home, and later that night, Kaidyn passed away from asphyxiation due to the loss of his tracheostomy tube. The following morning, Green made the tragic discovery that her kid had passed away. 

Watters stated, in reference to a different lawsuit filed against the same agency a number of years earlier, that he would assume that at some point, this other care home will be brought into the case by either one of the parties. However, looking at it from a strategic standpoint, it makes sense for them to proceed in this manner at the moment. 

The Wheeler campus of Kipp DC is home to 329 students ranging in grade level from fourth to eighth. Its comprehensive educational system encompasses a total of 18 schools and 7,000 pupils.