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A Leaked Video Highlighting the Faith of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Has Brought Women to Tears

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The People of Praise, a Christian faith group that counts Amy Coney Barrett, the conservative supreme court justice as a member, and views women’s compliance and submission to men as one of its focal early teachings, as indicated by leaked remarks and reports of the spouse of one of the gathering’s originators.

A recently leaked video of a People of Praise occasion, marking its 50th anniversary, shows Dorothy Ranaghan making sense of how a few female devotees of the congregation cried strongly in response to the gathering’s initial lessons on “headship” and the “roles of men and women,” in what men are thought of as supernaturally appointed as the “head” of the family and dominate to women.

While religion is man-made and some people might not know what the Word says, the Bible does say that women are to serve their husbands. However, the Bible balances itself out by also commanding husbands to love their wives and for both to serve each other. Here is some of what the scripture says in Ephesians 5:22-33:

“Wives, be willing to serve your husbands the same as the Lord. A husband is the head of his wife, just as Christ is the head of the church. Husbands, love your wives the same as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it.”

Asked in a meeting during the occasion about the years after the gathering’s individuals previously made a “covenant” to join People of Praise in the mid-1970s, Dorothy Ranaghan expressed: “Some of the women – who are still in my women’s group, as a matter of fact – were wearing sunglasses all the time, because they were always crying and would have to hold on to their chairs every time somebody started teaching, because ‘What are we going to hear this time?'”

Previous individuals from People of Praise, a significant number of whom are vital to the gathering’s dominance over individuals’ lives, have portrayed the gathering as calling for complete compliance of ladies to their spouses.

Barrett, who resided in the Ranaghan family while she went to graduate school at Notre Dame, has never openly revealed her participation in the Christian group, where her dad had an influential position and where she previously filled in as a “handmaid”. Barrett has said she is a “faithful Catholic” whose strict convictions wouldn’t “bear in the discharge of my duties as a judge.”

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However, while Barrett’s religious faith-based opposition to abortion rights and Roe v Wade was known before her 2020 affirmation and before she joined a greater part of judges in overturning the milestone deciding that protecting early termination privileges broadly, less is known about the awareness of the way of life where Barrett was raised and its perspectives on ladies and labor, enduring, and their job in the public eye.

Barrett recommended that the accessibility of such lawful assurances for new moms meant that while ladies may be compelled to conceive an offspring assuming Roe were overturned, they wouldn’t be obligated to become parents or be troubled by life as a parent as various other avenues can be taken during, before, and after pregnancy.

In an article written by Dorothy Ranaghan in 1978, she said “I’ve been in the company of many strong women – lawyers, doctors, educators, businesswomen, wives, and mothers, and we are in no way oppressed or dominated. We are responsible for our own decisions; we are free and happy. Furthermore, it is unconscionable to me that any more than 40 men and women who have lived with our family over the years would consider my husband an oppressor. As those who know him would agree, he is a kind, gentle man who listens carefully and respects the opinions of women and men and he always has.”

Of course, the media and the world don’t see it that way, and they never will because in the Bible we learn that while yes we are born of this world, we are not of it. We operate in this world and adhere to its laws while also walking the narrow path of God’s law and His ways.