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Viral Video! You Won’t Believe What This Father Did To Make His Young Daughter Cry

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When it comes to children, parents will do whatever they can to ensure their kid’s safety, and success, and make sure they are fed and never go without.

Good parents will sacrifice so much, just to raise their kids in a way that will impact their lives. This can take form in many ways, such as fathers going without something to put food on the table, mothers learning how to cook and improvise with what they have to feed their young, fathers spending the majority of their time working to make good money for the children, but hardly get to see them, and the list goes on and on.

That is where this story begins, a young girl only 7 years of age face timed her father from daycare in China. You might think that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on as most parents and grandparents do this to keep in touch with their young. However, the young girl burst out into tears as she began stressfully telling her dad that he “works too hard and becomes too tired.”

Her father must have been impacted by her tears and breakdown; while yes, you’re doing what you need to do and taking care of business, at the same time you’re losing precious time with your child. We need to strive to have that work-life balance.

His daughter, Li Yanxi from Jiangsu of easter China was sent off over the summer for childcare where an educator coordinated the face-time meeting for the parents to notice the class and meet with the students and their kids last week. The video was uploaded on social media and soon went viral.

In the video, we can see that Li’s dad, Li Mingxing, popped up on the screen along with other parents of the class. Mingxing looked as though he took a few moments out of his busy workday to talk to his daughter as he had on a hard hat and laborer’s uniform. That’s when Yanxi called out multiple times “Daddy!” and almost instantly began swelling up and crying. As her teacher tried to comfort her Yanxi said that she misses her dad and is stressed over him.

Remember, this is a young 7-year-old girl. You can’t tell me that kids don’t understand love and emotions. Even when they are just born, they find little ways to communicate and show just how much they need and love their parents.

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The teacher asked the child why she was crying so much to which she replied: “It’s not because I haven’t seen him for a long time,” Yanxi says. “I am concerned that he works too hard and becomes too tired.”

The original video has quickly gained over 2.7 million views and 19,000 likes since being uploaded.

Yanxi continued by saying that her mother is a housewife and that her dad frequently stays at work past 40 hours as an electrician and is way too often gone working overtime. She said she just wishes he can stay healthy.

Father Mingxing began reciprocating the emotions and shed a few tears as well, saying he wishes the same for her.