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NFL Needs Flag Thrown On Grotesque Display a Day After Texas Massacre

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Full disclosure. I love the NFL. I watch it. I attend games, and I write about it. It dominates my life from August until February.

I like it that way. However, I am also fair and will call B.S. when I see it. Guess the NFL’s phone should be ringing about now.

Indeed the entire country knows of the tragedy that took place in Texas on Tuesday. So it’s hard not to be affected, even if you weren’t directly impacted.

For myself, I have mostly avoided the news cycle today. First, it’s just plain depressing, and secondly, I knew the Biden administration and liberals would ignore the real problem, blame conservatives, and jump immediately to “gun control.”

Predictably, they did. So what do people do when they need a distraction? Some entertainment? Perhaps check in on their favorite sports ball team? Here’s what you got if you decided to catch up on NFL news today. According to Outkick:

Unfortunately, the NFL chose not to provide an escape on Wednesday. Instead, has dedicated its homepage to — wait for it — George Floyd, who died two years ago today. 

The anniversary of Floyd’s death, not football or a massacre not even a day old, is the NFL’s focus right now.

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What a grotesque, inappropriate gesture on a day when at the very least, the league should’ve just gone on with business as usual so people could be distracted from Tuesday’s awfulness.

Instead, the NFL climbs back on its high horse of virtue signaling and displays a memorial to a criminal that died in police custody.

Last I checked, the officers involved were being punished accordingly.

Why? Why does the league insist on lifting a drug-addled, career criminal as some hero?

George Floyd was a bad guy. That’s not my opinion; those are facts. Certainly doesn’t mean he should’ve died, but sometimes you reap the unintended rewards of a poorly lived life.

These children in Texas and the teachers did nothing wrong. They were simply innocent, living their lives just like any other day.

The NFL could’ve at least made mention instead of glorifying a man that once held a knife to a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Outkick continued:

The NFL is the only major sports site to feature Floyd’s death as its lede. At the time of publication, ESPN, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and CBS Sports do not have a mention of Floyd on their homepage.

Why would they? Sports sites hardly cover an athlete’s death two years later.

Exactly why would they? Floyd’s death is a stain that needs to be learned from and moved on from.

Even the NBA, tone-deaf as they often are on these matters, had the good sense not to mention Floyd, even if it may be coincidental where the Texas massacre is involved.

The NFL wasn’t going for the “bigger than football” idea here. If it were, it would have covered the Texas shooting. It didn’t. And that’s telling.

See, the NFL is using this opportunity to pander to the social justice crowd that’s no longer on its side.

Because critics so aggressively accused the NFL of white supremacy during the latest coaching cycle, the league has calculated that taking a day out of each year to celebrate George Floyd, whose death is associated with perceived racism, could be proof that the NFL is not a racist organization.

The NFL has hurt its image, at least temporarily, with today’s pandering. Instead, the national focus should be on ways to help that community and those families heal, figure out measures to avoid similar tragedies from occurring, and at least attempt for one day to come together as a country.

Sadly Joe Biden and the liberals ruined the “coming together” part, and the NFL, with the glorification of George Floyd, just served to divide further a country that needs a distraction right now.

Shame on the NFL.